Valentine’s day week list 2019 – date sheet of 14th feb

Valentine’s day week list 2019 – date sheet of 14th feb before and after: Love is floating everywhere in the air as the month of spreading love is knocking on the door. People are already planning how to celebrate the special days with the loveliest persons of their life. Many people celebrate Valentine’s Day only on 14th Feb. And then there are others who find just one day of celebration all too boring. They want to go deeper. For that kind of people we have gathered here a total list of the Valentine’s week celebrations.

Valentine’s day Week list 2019

Date Day’s Name
7th February Rose Day
8th February Propose Day
9th February Chocolate Day
10th February Teddy Day
11th February Promise Day
12th February Hug Day
13th February Kiss Day
14th February Valentine Day


Valentine's Day week 2019
Valentine’s Day week 2019

Happy Rose Day 🌹 : The Valentine week starts with the Rose Day on 7th February. Give your loved ones a whole bunch of roses or just a single one, whichever fits you best. It will send her a message of something initial.
Happy Propose Day: The next day 8th February is the Propose Day; just propose her/him on the day. If your love is true, your partner can’t refuse it. The answer will be yes.
Happy Chocolate Day 🍫 : Then on the 9th February Chocolate Day give her chocolates to make your proposal even stronger.
Happy Teddy Day: 10th is the Teddy Day. Girls just love teddies. Give her some lovely teddy bears as a gift and they will cherish this all their life.
Happy Promise Day: Make promises on the 11th February instant. Let your partner have the glimpses of the things you will do for her for the rest of your life.
Happy Hug Day: On 12th Feb, give her a tight hug. When you hug her firmly, it will send a message of protection against all odds from your side. If you do so, she will feel more secured with you.
Happy Kiss Day 💋 : Make a bold move with your partner on the next day 13th February which is marked as Kiss Day. Kiss her/him with all your heart. Let her/him believe that you are the one.

Happy Valentine Day
Then there is the Valentine’s Day itself. Love each other. Do whatever feels right for you and take pleasure in the Valentine week.

valentine week list 2019 date sheet
valentine week list 2019 date sheet